Faces Behind the Comfort:

Our Stellar Team at Kallas Heating & Cooling

Our Homegrown Culture of Togetherness at Kallas Heating & Cooling

At Kallas Heating & Cooling, we don't just work together; we build bonds that echo the warmth of a close-knit family. Our company thrives on a unique culture of togetherness, where every team member is not just a colleague but an integral part of our extended family. This familial spirit infuses passion into every project, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas flourish and support is second nature. From shared laughter in the break room to collaborative problem-solving sessions, our family culture is the cornerstone of our success. At Kallas, we believe that a unified team isn't just about working side by side; it's about creating a home within our workplace, where everyone feels valued and appreciated.


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Julie has been employed with Kallas since 2007 but has been around the business way before that. Julie took over Kallas in 2010 and has put her heart and soul into it ever since. Julie is engaged to Rob Olsen and plans to marry this year. Julie has a daughter, Hailey, whom she is beyond proud of. Her favorite pastime is spending time with and spoiling her granddaughter Layla. Her other loves include all things animal! She has chickens, turkeys, goats, and plans for more animals to come to the farm. Lots of dogs and barn cats turned lazy house cats. She loves meeting her girlfriends for wine nights, but also loves weekends at home where the house is full of friends and family.

Rob has been employed with Kallas since the early 90s when he started learning from Al directly. Rob has several licenses including HVAC. He pursued a career with the Army and was honorable discharged in 2012. Upon returning home, Rob pursued a career in concrete and union work. Years later, he is very happy to be back at Kallas where he started. Rob is engaged to Julie Kallas and plans to marry this year. Rob has a daughter who is 10 and loves to spend time with her. His favorite pastimes are hunting, fishing, traveling, and spending time on their family farm. The love of animals that he has is what drives him to keep wanting and doing more on the farm they are creating!

Hailey has been employed with Kallas since 2020. Hailey has literally grown up inside of Kallas Heating her entire life. Many days off school were spent under her moms desk, also many adventures including driving the workers around during the summer days to get her driving hours. Hailey has a daughter who is three and is her whole life. Hailey is engaged to a wonderful man and plans to marry this year. Hailey pursued a career in cosmetology, and that is a huge part of her life. She is a driven and motivated lady who doesn't sit still well. You can find her doing hair, lashes, nails or anything girl on the weekends at her other job at Pure Bliss Salon. However, during the week this girl likes to work all angels here at Kallas. She may be a secretary one day and on an install as a helper the next. She enjoys painting, crocheting, and anything craft-related.

Kyle has been employed with Kallas since 2021. Kyle started as a parts runner/helper. But it wasn't long before Kyle passed in knowledge and ability even the people who were teaching him. He has far exceeded our expectations in a very short time. Kyle is always up to help anyone in the community who needs it and is a true "old soul." Kyle has a girlfriend of nine years and they love to hang out any chance they get. Kyle enjoys learning new things. On the weekends you can find him enjoying his family and girlfriend. Kyle is our head installer here at Kallas and that is a title that has truly been earned.

Doris has been employed with Kallas since 2004. Doris has been a staple in the office and day to day activities. Many customers have talked to her about their maintenance agreements over the years. Doris is thurough, dedicated, and great with her customers. Kallas is lucky to have her with her years of experience and knowledge of what needs to be done. Doris and her husband enjoy taking trips to see their grandchildren as often as possible. Doris is devoted to her family and church family. She is actively involved with church functions and would love to have anyone come visit her church home at any time. Come say "Hi!" to Doris on Friday's at Kallas!

Randy has been employed with Kallas since 2011. Randy started as the lead installer. Over the years Randy has transitioned into Lead service technician. Randy has a great relationship with customers and will take the time to answer any questions. Names are always hard to remember; on the other hand, he will know a customer's house from a Google picture any day! Randy has been involved with and close to our family long enough to be on his second “kallas” baby in the office. He spends his mornings sharing coffee with Layla and getting told where to go and where to sit by the 3 year old. Randy has a 19-year-old son who is the light of his life. He loves to watch him grow and be involved with anything he can from coaching his sports teams to spending weekends fishing on the lake. Randy's son has begun his career in the HVAC trade, learning from one of the great ones, his dad. Randy enjoys time with his son, trying new foods, and is always up for a comedy show!