Yearly Maintenance Agreement

Ensure year-round comfort with our biannual maintenance agreement. Our technicians perform thorough furnace and air conditioning checkups twice a year, keeping your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently. Your heating and cooling equipment is much like your car; regular maintenance will increase it's life span and help keep operating costs at a minimum.

Air Conditioning Clean & Check List

Clean Condenser Coil

Check Suction Pressure

Check High Pressure

Check Wiring

Check Compressor Amperage

Check Thermostat

Check Coil Drain Line

Check Lineset Connection

Check Air Filters

& Make Any Necessary Adjustments/Recommendations

Furnace Clean & Check List

Check Thermostat

Check Fan Control

Check Pilot Assembly

Clean Burner Assembly

Adjust Burners for Efficiency

Check all Safety Controls

Check Filters

Check Vent Piping & Draft

Check for Gas Leaks

Check Furnace Cycle

& Make Any Necessary Adjustments/Recommendations

Kallas offers a unique maintenance plan designed especially for your heating and cooling equipment with a focus on your comfort and concern for your equipment. Maintenance Agreements are $189.00 for one furnace and one air conditioner; this includes up to TWO scheduled visits (one for the furnace (to include your humidifier if applicable) and one for your air conditioner) per year to provide you with a clean, efficient and well-maintained system. Maintenance Agreements for Furnace only is $110.00 with one cleaning. Humifiders are cleaned at NO extra charge!

Our Maintenance Agreement Customers Receive:

Priority Service

10% Discounts on Parts

24 hour service/7 days per week!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Humidifers Cleaned at No Extra Charge

Agreement Transferrable to New Owners


Please get in touch with our office for more information on our money-saving program! We would be happy to design a plan for your specific equipment needs.

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